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Sloan Canyon Rainbow

I drove out last night to the petroglyph canyon parking area at Sloan NCA during the tail end of the weather system working it's way through the area. Took a few moments to pick up a large mess of shotgun shells (booo!) and take in what scenery I could. With the sun getting low I was fortunate enough to catch this near-double rainbow shimmering over the North McCullough range.

The Opposite of Desert Life

Wooden Boat Festival

I'm visiting Washington's Olympic Peninsula for a week or so. With year-long snow-capped mountains, rain forests and a solid martime culture it's quite far away from life in the desert southwest. And as much as I enjoy desert life, each time I come up and visit this area it grows on me more and more. I don't believe I'd mind long stretches of cold cloud cover, tall trees and moss-covered...everything. This may just be because I don't live here, however. What I do know for certain is, I could totally live on that boat.

Preserving America's Favorite Places   

Japan Turning Abandoned Golf Courses Into Solar Power Generators   

More out-of-the-box thinking from Not the USA. If we're going to do utility-scale solar generation it should do it in places like this.

Cold Brewed Coffee in the House

Finally trying out the cold-brewed coffee thing. I added 1/2 cup course ground coffee to 3.5 cups water in a 1qt container and let it sit in the fridge for 20 hours. Ran it all through a few strain cycles using a single-serving paper filter in a funnel and good to go. Most folks cut it with water to taste as its concentrated. To me its tasty both ways. I now have a great supply for high-octane vietnamese iced coffee. Zoooom!

Here are a few quick guides from YouTube with more on how to make cold-brewed coffee if you're interested in trying it out.